There are many extensions and projects that could be very useful for OpenSG. This page lists some of the project ideas that the community has come up with, and other suggestions out of the blue.

If you want to discuss something here, which does not have a page of it's own, as on the mail list or make a wiki page, put your proposal there and post a link on the maillist to get discussion going.

Also be sure to check the enhancement requests in the ticket database. See also: PotentialContributions

Small Projects

  • Doxygen documentation: Needs to be completed. This is small project because you can fix one single file and open a ticket with a patch for it.

Larger Projects

  • Manipulators: A lib of manipulators for moving/rotating/scaling objects, based on some simple GUI adaptor framework (that should with relatively little effort be pluggable into any common GUI-system, such as X, Win32, QT, GLUT, etc.)
  • Animation:
    • Some kind of simple & extendible animation system, with importers.
    • Should try to handle data dependencies (such as time->bone-transforms->skinning->normals, if all is done in software, but in a generalized fashion) but in some manageable way (try to avoid the complexity of a complete dataflow-system such as VRML or Maya).
    • See for something that links OpenSG and Cal3d. Useful starting point?
  • Generic c++ binding: Add reflective interface for member functions. See if it is possible to generate bindings to other languages dynamically then?
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