Planning page for the 1.8 milestone

1.8 is pretty much done, feature-wise. What's left to do is mainly verification of the dailybuilds, to make sure the distributions and everything else is working.

The things that need to be checked:

  • Inst: Installation of the distribution / tgz / RPM. Linux systems have three of these: one for the dist, one for the RPM, one for the Source RPM. The Source RPM is not strictly necessary, but it would be nice if somebody could test them for completeness' sake.
  • Run: Running of the precompiled example programs.
  • Build: Recompiling of the provided example programs.
  • Libbuild: Recompiling of the Source distribution for the given system, from Sources for Unix and Win-Sources for Windows. For Windows there are two variants, the first for cygwin/make, the second for using VS.

Here is the table with the things to do:

Win-VS2003 ok bleile see #191,#192 ok bleile ok bleile, ok marcusl
Win-VS2005 ok bleile ok bleile ok bleile ok tbeer, bleile
Win-VS2008 ok marcusl
Linux-i386 , , , Ok cneumann 1)
Linux-x86_64 ok DR, ok DR, ok DR, ok DR ok DR
Mac OS-X , ,

If you test and confirm that one of the above is working correctly, please put your username in the corresponding cell so that we can contact you if we have some questions. If you find a problem, please open a ticket.

If you are using OpenSG in your project already, please test your application against the new version you installed. Everything should work just fine, if not: ticket.

Open tickets for 1.8: #1, #189, #191, #206, #211, #213

Thanks for your help, we couldn't do it without you!

The OpenSG Team

1) compiled with scons qt=/usr/share/qt3 gif=yes tif=yes jpg=jes png=yes tests=yes type=opt on Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

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