In addition to the Sort Last Rendering OpenSG also supports Sort-First Rendering. The basis for this work was the OpenSGPlus project and the result of Marcus Roth's PhD thesis again, with extensions by Patrick Riess, published at WSCG 2006.

TemplInclude(Templ/GalleryThumbnailAT, project=SortFirstRendering, img=sf_beetle_result, type=jpg)?

As an example on how the load balancing works this picture shows a fleet of Beetles, with the final image in the middle and the parts rendered on the different servers around it (in this case 12 servers were used). The nice thing about our sort-first apporach is that is does automatic load-balancing even on multi-screen displays, e.g. a tiled wall or Cave.

The Beetle model was provided by Volkswagen. Sincere thanks to them for this nice example dataset!

© by Marcus Roth and Dirk Reiners. Every usage of these images without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

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