• Related classes and their purposes


Staged rendering allows you to setup a scene graph that renders parts of the graph into off screen buffers (FBOs) that can then be used in later stages or the final rendering of a scene.

Frame Buffer Objects (FBOs) provide a mechanism for attaching framebuffer-attachable images to the GL framebuffer as one of the standard GL logical buffers: color, depth, and stencil. These attachments can be renderbuffers or texture objects. By using texture objects we can support multi-pass algorithms in the scenegraph.

The Stage node core provides the hook to bring multi-pass algorithms into the scene graph. The stage core allows you to specify a destination FBO for rendering the subgraph rooted at the Stage. SimpleStage? extends this by allowing you to specify a camera and set of background/foregrounds to use when rendering into the FBO.

To allow multipass algorithms you can use a VisitSubTree? core to link to another part of the scene graph.

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