Memorable Quotes

Things that people said or wrote in the code or in commit messages, that didn't come out quite as planned. That's the stuff we need to record forever! ;-) And this is the place for it.

Stuff that is not implemented is usually not used.

Dirk, after Allen asked about what to do with a non-implemented method

(16:43:49) Allen (GMail): Oh Lord, Oh Lord, why do you forsake me? Oh why do you insist on declaring methods that you do not implement? Why oh Lord? Is it to test my faith?
(16:44:40) DR: Know, oh disciple, only in testing your faith can I be sure of it. Think of it as the just cause you need to climb to reach the valley of enlightenment.
(16:45:38) Allen (GMail): But oh, the valley is so high and long and it looks much like the previous valley I climbed.
(16:46:17) DR: It is a Moebius velley, my child, so don't be discouraged, you will find a way to climb. And always remember: there is no spoon!
(16:47:09) Allen (GMail): So this software is like an endless experience in pain and frustration oh Lord. Oh Lord you are so cruel and vindictive. Just smite me down now so I may feel no more pain.
(16:48:57) DR: Oh disciple, know, that only walking through the valley of pain can you reach the highest heights of beautiful scenes rendered at high speed. Smiting you would release you from this mortal plane, but only into the abyss of 8 bit processors and 4 bit graphics, where you would be hounded by 4x8 pixel characters for eternity.
(16:49:45) Allen (GMail): I bow to your excellence and your most wise counsel my Lord.

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