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Issue: No marketing

  • People don't know about OpenSG and why it is better then alternatives.
  • OpenSG developers are a bit on the "technical" side. This leads to a great technical solution that is just not marketed well.
  • People very often confuse OpenSG with OpenSceneGraph because of the name similarity.


  • Become more active in thinking about how to market OpenSG. Make an effort to market OpenSG so we can get more users.
  • Develop a "annonunce list", i.e. websites, mailing lists, people, etc where we will announce all new features, releases, etc. see: wiki:Dev/MarketingAnnouncments

We can probably use the OSG one as a start. --Dirk

The Wikipedia page could use more work. I did a bit. -- ML

  • Develop a "customer list"
    • Expand the application gallery with shots and pages about as many OpenSG applications as we can.
    • Expand the list of users with all the companys and groups using OpenSG.
    • Get user testimonials on the website. #58.
  • Create pages that talk about what is good about OpenSG and how it compares to other scene graphs. See Features & Comparison.
  • Features do not have to be perfect before they can be promoted. "Release early, release often". Follow that mantra.

On naming 2.0 something:

Say we wanted to name it "Dirkinator". Then we could make the OpenSG 2.0 release be called "OpenSG Dirkinator" and then just gradually start referring to it as "Dirkinator" and drop the OpenSG part in the future.

OpenSG is a registred trademark, so ww might not drop it that easy. Like the idea of a 'tag-name' or something though.

Issue: Website needs updated and improved

New Website Release

  • The webpage is confusing and hides the important information. It is hard to nagivate.
  • It never says "This is why you should use OpenSG" and "This is how it compares to scene graph XXX". (see Comparison)


Are really only larger examples. Definition proposal: If their data-set warrants a separate download, they should go into the demo folder.

  • OpenSG has advanced features, but until people know about them it is the same as never existing. We must tell people and show them.
  • OpenSG has cluster-based rendering. It can render over 1 billion polys using a cluster but no one knows this.
  • Cluster rendering on tiled displays.
  • Occlusion culling was added a while back and there wasn't even a user announcement.
  • The shadowing code still has no public announcement.
  • Staged rendering in OpenSG 2.0.
  • These are all killer feature that nobody else has and OpenSG has had it for quite a while but there has been no demo, no announcements, nothing. If we don't tell people about OpenSG how can we expect them to use it?


  • "Release demos and news early, often, and continually"
    • Make demos build automatically as well (Make demo-pack for each platform?)
  • Try to make the examples into something that can be used as a demo for new users and announcements on websites.
    • Add automatically generated example list to doc, which is part of nightly doc build.
  • We should be able to immediately say "Download the nightly build, run this demo, see this feature."
    • Are demos/examples compiled in the nightly build?
  • Document and point to tools built on top of OpenSG.
  • Create content for demos.
    • Infiscape is willing to assist with content creation once demo idea is set. (ie. we will create some models for the demo if requested)
  • Create demos
    • Cluster rendering demo (billion polygons): #1
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