There are many features and capabilities that have been added to 1.X that are going to need to be ported over to 2.0. This page lists what is left to be done with links to tickets about the needed changes.

If you are interested in helping with any of these, please create/edit a ticket and assign it to yourself.

If you notice something missing from the list, please add it.

To get a full list we need someone to do a diff over the code tree from the branch point and look for what has changed or been added to OpenSG 1.8. This is a highly critical task and will take some time and attention to detail but we have to do it if we are going to get everything ported over. #110


  • Material Pool FCD: #48 Field container for storing links to many materials without them having to be used in the graph
  • Shadow viewport methods, see ticket #172
  • SHL callbacks for user parameters
  • Manipulators
  • Volume rendering subsystem cvs

Can be ported

  • Image/OSGBMPImageFileType
  • Image/OSGEXRImageFileType
  • Image/OSGImageScaler
  • Image/OSGJP2ImageFileType
  • Image/OSGNRRDImageFileType
  • Image/OSGPSDImageFileType
  • !FileIO/DXF
  • !FileIO/OFF
  • !FileIO/SLP

Difficult to port

  • System/Statistics?/OSGGraphicStatisticsForeground (needs a really good cleanup)
  • NodeCores/Drawables/Geometry/OSGGeoPropertyInterface

Can not be ported

Will not be ported

Will not be ported but replaced

Have to thing about it

Has been ported

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