This page contains a list of the user-visible changes. Stuff marked with <!> may break existing 1.x code.

  • Build
    • <!> The namespace has been changed from osg to OSG. If you're using the OSG_USING_NAMESPACE macro this shouldn't affect you, but if you've explicitly used the osg::-prefix you will need to change things.
    • Moving to scons & hopefully away from cygwin for windows users.
    • the system is split up in many more libraries. This allows you to include only the parts that you need, but it also means that you need to add more libs
  • Base
    • The capitalization of the core math functions has been made consistent with the rest of the system., i.e. osgcos is now osgCos - the old names are still available if OSG_1_COMPAT is defined (available as a build option).
  • Dependencies
    • OpenSG will use boost starting in 2.0. (Makes sense, much functionality has been duplicated.)
    • New build will allow hopefully only require scons/python, no flex/bision/sed/perl.
  • FieldContainer
    • <!> <!> beginEdit/endEdit will go away. As a consequence, you will need to call commitChanges() before being able to access derived values (e.g. bounding volumes). Right now the system does not commit internally at all, maybe we should add that in places that make no sense without it (like redraws or getVolume)? --DR
    • Replaced FCPtr with raw ptrs (old behaviour is available in MTRefPtr). (Discussion on wiki:Dev/Pointer.)
    • Added TransitPtr? (returned from create functions, need to be stored in a refptr)
    • Attachment has been renamed FieldContainerAttachment
    • editMFRange() must be used instead of getMFRange() to add/change properties
  • Geometry
    • <!> Multi-indexing is done using separate index fields, not the interleaved indices of OpenSG 1. If you've only used single indices you should be fine, but multiple index stuff will need to be changed.
    • VertexBufferObject support.
    • The push_back interface can handle arbitrary types now
  • Window
    • Better FrameBufferObject support.

At some point we will have a script available that will take care of most of these. Watch this space...

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