Issue: Build issues

  • Relatively difficult to build and install
  • There are multiple build systems. Which one should be used.
  • Need more pre-packaged builds for common platforms.
  • Need to get OpenSG into Fedora Extras and Debian/Ubuntu? (like OpenSceneGraph)
  • Build on windows needs to be better supported and tested.
  • Need Gentoo ebuild for OpenSG 1.8 scons (see ticket #189).


  • Create one-build-to-rule-them-all. This build will work on all platforms and be the only build.
  • Make nightly builds run on more platforms and create packages for more platforms.
  • Make results widely known. Possibly look at a continuous integration tool for trac.
  • Integrate nightly build into the trac page with links to the builds.
  • Clear set of dependencies and include non-standard tools (sed, bison, flex) with the build on windows. If possible, reduce the number of non-standrd tools, e.g. only use python.
  • Allow build to be kicked off from vs project file. #56
  • Create VS Wizard for new OpenSG projects. #54
  • Get pre-compiled headers working on windows. #10 (gcc with boost can't use precompiled headers until 4.1 is released) 4.1 has been released for a while. Are you thinking about 4.2? --Dirk
  • Add support for autolinking on Windows. #55
  • Create batch file for starting Visual Studio from Windows with all paths set. #57.
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