A project the size of OpenSG can only be developed by the concerted effort of a number of people. Thanks to Open Source, some of those may have never met each other, but they have worked together on something big.

Here's the OpenSG team:

  1. Dirk Reiners
  2. Gerrit Voss
  3. Carsten Neumann

Dirk Reiners

Headshot: Dirk Reiners

  • Role: Project Lead, Handyman, All-around guy
  • Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
  • Contact: mail@…
  • About: I'm currently an Assistant Professor for Computer Science at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. OpenSG is a basis for my research, and also a main sink of my copious free time. In a former life I was a senior researcher at Fraunhofer IGD, where I worked on Virtual Reality applications, mostly for the german car industry.

Gerrit Voss

  • Role: Template Magician, Maintainer of the dark side.
  • Location: Singapore
  • Contact: vossg AT vossg DOT org

Carsten Neumann

  • Role: Developer, Apprentice Template Mage
  • Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
  • Contact: carsten UNDERSCORE neumann AT gmx DOT net
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