OpenSG is an Open Source? scenegraph system for interactive 3D graphics applications. It is designed to be easy to use and extend, and to support all the nice, modern graphics features that the current generation of graphics cards provide. OpenSG 2 has a slightly more specific vision in addition to this generic one.

It was started, just like many other systems, at the end of the great scenegraph extinction in 1999 when Microsoft and SGI's Fahrenheit project died. Given that there was no other scene graph system on the market nor on the horizon with the features that we wanted, we decided to start our own.

It has been doing pretty well so far, having grown from very humble beginnings to one of the two major Open Source scenegraphs. We have had some significant help along the way, from the OpenSG Forum and in the form of the OpenSGPlus project. Nonetheless, we're very interested in contributions from the community, be it in the form of code contributions, documentation, useful code snippets or even questions and bug reports. The more action we get from you, the better our reactions will be.

So explore the site, enjoy your stay, and let us know what you think!

Dirk Reiners

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