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Expanded use of Boost.Function

Reported by: dirk Owned by: unassigned
Priority: minor Milestone: 2.0 Release
Component: System Version: 2.0
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Are there plans to make more use of Boost.Function in OpenSG 2? I see where

some parts of the code use it now, but there are other parts

(OSG::SceneFileHandler?, for example) that use C function pointers. By

replacing those with boost::function<T>() instantiations, existing

user-level code will still compile, but we will be afforded much greater

flexibility in what sort of callback can be passed in. The main reason that

I ask, however, is that using Boost.Function would help PyOpenSG

tremendously. With some proper finessing in the bindings code, it would be

possible to have Python callables be passed in as callbacks.


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