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#10 Precompiled headers dirk enhancement major Build 2.0
#16 Add java example to distribution, make sure it builds with scons. task major Build
#55 Add autolinking of libs on Windows unassigned enhancement major Build
#57 Create batch file which sets environment & launches devenv.exe for VS users unassigned task major Build
#60 Import VTK loader in OpenSG unassigned task major System
#61 Improve support for animated GIFs unassigned defect major System
#93 Windows Dependencies unassigned task major System
#171 Make new OSB IO robust wrt exceptions cneumann enhancement major System 2.0
#184 BumpMap support in OBJ unassigned defect major System 2.0
#76 More powerful window abstraction unassigned enhancement minor System
#79 Fixed32 supports very little arithmetic with other types vossg defect minor System 2.0
#140 Image format enums needs improvement unassigned defect minor System 2.0
#203 Library info into class docs dirk enhancement minor Documentation 2.0
#208 Expanded use of Boost.Function unassigned enhancement minor System 2.0
#41 Make OSGGeoProperties::getData() pure again. allenb task trivial System 2.0
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