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#48 Port MaterialPool fcd to 2.0 anonymous enhancement critical System 2.0
#167 Clean OpenSG2 with valgrind vossg enhancement observe System 2.0
#185 ChangeList growing without bound vossg task observe System 2.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#40 Decide upon and implement a library installation standard dirk task blocker Build
#110 Create list of 1.8 to 2.0 porting from a diff of changes/additions. unassigned task blocker System 2.0
#132 Documentation for build system unassigned defect critical Build 2.0
#166 Port over the 1.8 .dox documentation files to 2.0 dirk defect critical Documentation 2.0
#6 Add SystemAll alias to osg-config allenb enhancement major Build 2.0
#37 Replace OpenSG's custom metaprogramming functions with boost mpl and boost type_traits vossg enhancement major System 2.0
#59 Make sure every class has a one-line documentation as to it's purpose. dirk enhancement major Documentation
#83 Integrate marcusl's small utility package unassigned defect major System 2.0
#86 GeoProperty attributes edit check unassigned defect major System
#92 Example Build system unassigned enhancement major Build
#99 Provide way to have glValidateProgram called when activating a shader unassigned defect major System 2.0
#143 Creating many objects causes FieldContainerFactory::_pFieldContainerStore to exhaust memory unassigned defect major System 2.0
#181 Missing documentation of supported formats unassigned defect major Website
#186 fcd2code Problems unassigned defect major System 2.0
#199 Make OSG::Line a template to support Real64 unassigned enhancement major System 2.0
#215 GeoProperties and Shaders unassigned defect major System 2.0
#230 cleanup render options vossg defect major System 2.0
#33 Change Image::setData(const UInt8 *data) to setData(const void *data) dirk enhancement minor System
#51 Set svn eol properties on OpenSG source unassigned task minor Build 2.0
#88 Update fcdProcess to output documentation that follows the coding convention. unassigned defect minor System 2.0
#96 Add test cases for op<< for all types that should support them unassigned task minor System 2.0
#127 CPEdit and friends in 2.0 unassigned defect minor System
#177 Infinite loop in OSG_1_COMPAT mode vossg defect observe System 2.0
#222 Remove __declspec(thread) code - it's not used and also sligthly dangerous vossg task observe System 2.0
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