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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3 Fix url's to get rid of "trac" allenb task critical Website
#7 Smilies not working dirk defect critical Website
#102 Enable full spam filter allenb task critical Website
#23 Revise and expand the About description for OpenSG dirk task major Website
#25 Write "What makes OpenSG unique" on the Comparison page. dirk task major Website
#47 Move trac site over to using mod_python for better performance. unassigned task major Website
#27 Page never finishes loading allenb defect minor Website
#52 Nav menu and page outline clash unassigned defect minor Website

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13 List indentation dirk defect major Website
#14 Make site redirect to https for security allenb defect major Website
#24 Complete the feature page. unassigned task major Website
#26 Complete OpenSG compared to OpenSceneGraph text. unassigned task major Website
#58 Add User Testimonials page to wiki unassigned task major Website
#11 Side menu expand/collapse weirdness dirk defect minor Website
#50 Get a link to OpenSG webpages on dirk enhancement minor Marketing
#187 Uploading Binary Files unassigned defect minor Website 2.0
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